“Every Superbrand has established top reputation in its respective market segment and in the market as a whole. It offers its public significant tangible or perceived advantages in comparison to its competition, which the public (consciously or subconsciously) recognises and requires.” read more


The Superbrands institution aims to: Acknowledge and award top-quality brands of products and services, companies and organisations;
Highlight the advantages associated with a “brand”: the assumption of responsibility towards the consumer regarding the quality, consistency, reliability and general “identity” that each brand signifies; Promote branding as a prominent function of marketing. read more:


The Criteria to gain Superbrand Serbia status is based on three key attributes of brands:
Public recognition and good reputation; Long-term consistency and reliability; Corporate responsibility:
In essence, Superbrands aims to recognise and reward the tireless efforts and continuous achievement of all those contributing to the creation, supply and promotion of top-quality branded products and services on the national and international markets. read more:

superbrands sealWelcome to Superbrands in Serbia. Established in 1994 in the UK, Superbrands is the world's leading brand promotional platform that raises the awareness of and promotes the discipline of branding through the identification of the leading international and local brands in each member country, currently more than 80 worldwide.

Brands are deemed eligible to participate in the selection process first by an expert panel of high-level executives across Serbia’s key industries, The Expert Council. Approximately 200 of these brands are deemed as Superbrands through a voting process that combines equally an independent country-wide survey and results from two votes by the council.

The Superbrands Status allows companies to be featured in an internationally-distributed coffee-table book, The Superbrands Bible, and honoured at the awards ceremony, The Tribute Event, set for 2013, as well as to become a member of the year-long promotion programme in Serbia, and beyond.

Superbrands was first launched in Serbia in 2007 by TGI Group International d.o.o. in a means to pay tribute to the country’s strongest brands. The 2012-2013 programme is already underway, this time aiming to identify Serbia’s strongest Corporate Brands.

The Superbrands programme has also been taking place with great success in Greece from 2006, produced by TGI parent company, Symeon G. Tsomokos S.A. (SGT) in Athens.

Superbrands around the world

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